Clarence Gatemouth Brown & Gate's Express
King Edward Hotel
Calgary Alberta
October 19, 1984

sbd, 2nd gen

Song List
01 Gate's Groove
02 River's Invitation
03 Please Send Me Someone to Love
04 Louisiana Zydeco
05 Wabash Cannonball
06 Jambalaya
07 unknown
08 Pressure Cooker
09 The Peeper
10 Jelly Jelly
11 Unchained Melody
12 Next Time You See Me

Band Members -
bass - Harold Floyd
guitar - Luther Womble
sax - Dennis Taylor
drums - Lloyd Herrman
trumpet - Mark Wells
keys - Dan Matrazzo
guitar, fiddle, vocals - Clarence Gatemouth Brown


edit notes:
-increased low levels
-balanced channels
-removed 60hz hum & harmonics
-repaired numerous glitches, pops, clicks

A sbd with probable stage mics and audience participaction.
I reduced some whoops and talking during music.
The show was poorly tracked.
A very nice sounding "warm" sbd.
Click for original info.
Samples in comments.

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