6th Annual Chicago Blues Festival
Petrillo Music Shell, Grant Park
Chicago, IL
9 June 1989

1. Introduction by Tom Marker of WXRT
2. Look Over Yonder >
3. Five Long Years >
4. Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
5. Knock On Wood > I Feel Alright
6. Woke Up This Morning
7. Dixon Tease
8. I Lost My Heart And My Head Went Too > I Just Want To Make Love To You (w/Willie Dixon)
9. Rock Me > Sun Goin' Down >
10. All Your Love (I Miss Loving) > Come On Down >
11. Sunshine Of Your Love > Stormy Monday (tape flip)
12. Goin' Down
13. Announcers / Interview

-- Source/Lineage Info --
Original recording (9June1989):
FM broadcast (WMUB Oxford, OH) > MCS Receiver > Nakamichi CR1A >
Maxell XLII 90 Cassette

Digital Transfer (ca. 2001):
XLII 90 Cassette Master > Nakamichi CR1A (same deck that was used for recording) >
Marantz DR700 > Audio CDR

Remastering (2Nov2006):
Audio CDR > EAC (secure mode, no errors) > HD > WAV > Cool Edit Pro v2.0 >
WAV > FLAC Frontend v1.7.1 (verified and aligned on sector boundaries) > FLAC

-- Notes --
WBEZ-FM in Chicago broadcast the Blues Fest in 1989, and it was made available to their
'sister stations' in the NPR network. I pulled this one down, as it happened, off the Miami
University station in Oxford, OH. I transferred my cassette master to disc on a standalone
back around 2001. Track markers had to be inserted 'on the fly'. (I didn't have a computer
set-up at the time, didn't know shn, etc.) I made a few audio copies at that time, offered
them as vines to several trading groups, and the recording entered circulation. I pulled my
copy to listen to the other day and was annoyed by the placement of the track markers.
I decided to re-do them, and make a 'proper' lossless archival copy while I was at it.

As for the music...

This is a high-energy performance that at points comes close to going over-the-top.
(A friend of mine termed it bombastic.) Being back in his home town, and headlining
the opening night of the Blues Fest obviously added to Buddy Guy's usual enthusiasm.
And no doubt the presence of Willie Dixon, and others, backstage pushed his performance
even higher. (Dixon actually made a rare appearance, at that time, coming out on stage briefly
to sing a verse of 'I Just Want To Make Love To You'.) And Buddy left them wanting more.
Listen to hear the crowd's feelings when the offical from the city parks department decided
not to allow them to go over time and do an encore.

The overall sound of the recording is quite nice. WBEZ's broadcast mix was strong that
year - and there were years when it wasn't, in my opinion. The cassette master held up very
well through the years. I noticed a couple little blips which may have been due to tape
degradation, or may have been in the original broadcast. In either case, they weren't serious
enough, to me, to catalogue. There is a tape flip immediately after the first line of Stormy
Monday is sung - there is roughly 6 seconds of the performance missing due to that flip.
Only the first two lines of Stormy Monday were sung before they kicked into Goin' Down,
and Goin' Down is intact. I left 3-4 seconds at the end of track 11, where the tape flip
occurred, rather than butting it up against track 12 because it sounded more natural to
me that way.

The setlist is as accurate as I could get it. Some titles reflect a couple of lines or a verse sung,
rather than a complete song. I've also included the post-set comments by the announcers,
and their brief interview with Buddy Guy, which directly followed the performance. This
was also on the audio copies I first sent out, but I've noticed that its been deleted on some
versions. With the new track markers, if you don't want the announcers or the interview
on your disc, simply delete track 13.

Recorded, transferred, remastered, and converted to FLAC by quimiqua.
Uploaded to Dime on 3 November 2006.