Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
16th Bluesfest in Gaildorf, Southern Germany

Lineage: DATSBD > CDR > audacity > WAV > FLAC

01 Take the A-train
02 One o'clock
03 Flying home

here's a small part of a great performance from the 16th Bluesfest in Gaildorf, Southern Germany,
recorded on 03 Jul 1999 (in fact I think it must have been early on the 4th).
A great memory for everybody who was there. Too bad I only recorded about thirteen minutes of this show.
But - hey, its a SOUNDBOARD!!!!

Not commercially released by the artist.
Sorry, no artwork, but two pics of the festival sticker and poster attached.

The 24th Bluesfest in Gaildorf will take place in July 2015 - so come and join the fun!

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