I am unfamiliar with this band but thoroughly enjoyed the listen; you should too. This is a fresh transfer from my copy and therefore will differ from previous uploads of this broadcast, if any.

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Zurich, CH -- Albisriederhaus
1992-06-10 -- 76:54

01. -MC intro-
02. Why Don't You See Me
03. Ghost of a Texas Ladies' Man
04. Someday?
05. ... Long Time Ago
06. -talk-
07. Joey
08. Days and Days
09. Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)
10. Walking in London
11. -talk, band intro-
12. God Is a Bullet
13. Run Run Run
14. -talk-
15. Everybody Knows
16. Little Conversations
17. -talk-
18. True
19. -talk-
20. Castles Made of Sand
21. -talk-
22. Still in Hollywood
23. -encore applause-///edit end
24. Roses Grow
25. -talk-
26. Tomorrow Wendy
27. -talk, crew credits-

Johnette Napolitano - songwriter, except
t12, 18: with Jim Mankey
t15: by Leonard Cohen
t20: by Jimi Hendrix
t26: by Andy Prieboy

Johnette Napolitano - vocals
Jim Mankey- guitar
Harry Rushakoff - drums

No artwork.

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