David Byrne
Saenger Theatre, New Orleans

The Recording:
Master: soundboard > unknown DAT recorder
Clone: DAT master > DAT clone for band member
Clone: band member's DAT > my DAT
Clone: my DAT > HHB CDR recorder

The Performers:
David Byrne: vocal, guitar
George Porter, Jr.: bass
Oscar Salas: drums
Bobby Allende: percussion
Hector Rosado: percussion
Jonathan Best: keyboards, vocals
Angel Fernandez: vocals
Ite Jerez: trumpet
?: trumpet
Steve Sacks: saxophone
?: trombone
Lewis Kahn: violin

The Set List:
02 Buck Naked
03 Nothing But Flowers
04 Until The End Of The World
05 Tiny Town
06 Girls On My Mind / Mr. Jones
07 Loco De Amor
08 Something Ain’t Right
09 Life During Wartime
10 Women vs. Men (Bolero)
11 Somebody
12 Hanging Upside Down
13 Take Me To The River
14 Monkey Man / Lie To Me (cut)
15 Lie To Me (complete)
16 Now I'm Your Mom
17 She's Mad
18 Blind
19 encore break / Burning Down The House
20 Make Believe Mambo (orisa)
21 encore break
22 Sympathy For The Devil
23 encore break
24 And She Was / Psycho Killer