Del McCoury Band

July 10, 1998
'Denton Bluegrass Festival'
Denton Farm Park,
Advance, NC
Early & Late Show

Source: DSBD > Tascam DA-20 > > Master DAT > Tascam DA-30 > clone
Transfer: DAT clone > Tascam DA-20 > Tascam CD-RW4U using rca outs (A1 Tributaries) > MacBook Pro > WAV (44Hz 16bit)

Master digital recording by Bill Smith
DAT clone provided by Tom Stone
Edited & mastered using Adobe Audition by Joe Noel
March 11, 2020

The Players
- Del McCoury; guitar, vocals
- Robbie McCoury; banjo
- Ronnie McCoury; mandolin, vocals
- Jason Carter; fiddle
- Mike Bub; bass, vocals

- Early Show -
s1t01 - Introduction > Loneliness & Desperation
s1t02 - Hard On My Heart
s1t03 - Shuckin' The Corn
s1t04 - Member of The Blues
s1t05 - Can't Get You Off of My Mind
s1t06 - Sally Goodin
s1t07 - Henry Walker
s1t08 - Take Me with You to The Mountains (Don Humphries)
s1t09 - Lil Darling, Pal of Mine
s1t10 - I'll Be There
s1t11 - Truck Driving Man

- Late Show -
s2t01 - Introduction > The Cold Hard Facts
s2t02 - Blue Darling
s2t03 - Baltimore Jonny
s2t04 - Blackjack County Chains
s2t05 - I Feel The Blues Movin' In
s2t06 - Goodbye To An Angel
s2t07 - A Good Man Like Me
s2t08 - Back Up and Push
s2t09 - Get Down On Your Knees and Pray
s2t10 - Wailing On Walden
s2t11 - Snake in the House
s2t12 - Glen Rock
s2t13 - Queen Anne's Lace
s2t14 - Love is a Long Road
s2t15 - [encore break]
s2t16 - True Life Blues
s2t17 - Rawhide

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