Dire Straits - Milan 08 Sept. 92

1. Calling Elvis
2. Walk of life
3. Heavy fuel
4. Romeo and Juliet
5. The bug
6. Private investigations
7. Sultans of swing
8. Your latest trick

1. On every street
2. Two young lovers
3. Tunnel of love
4. Money for nothing
5. Brothers in arms
6. Solid rock
7. Wild theme (Local Hero)

Forum Di Assago, Milan, Italy, 8th September 1992.

Additional comments:
Audience recording with good sound! Great opening solo on Heavy Fuel: long and hard! Complete concert including the great Tunnel of Love.

This is the first bootleg I got, together with Boston 79. I've been thinking about uplaoding it for... ohh... a year and a half. It's a mystery why I haven't. Anyway... now you'll get it ;-)




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