Buddy Guy and Kim Wilson
December 21, 1991
Antone's, Austin
Instrumental Shuffle
Instrumental Shuffle
Sweet Home Chicago>Medley
Everything Gonna Be Allright>Medley
Sweet Little Angel
Mary Had a Little Lamb
I'll Play the Blues for You
Damn Right I've Got the Blues

FM>master cassette>cdr
Radio station KPEZ, Z-102, in Austin, broadcast several shows from Antone's (Home of the Blues) for a period of about 5 years on Saturday nights. This is the 1st of several shows that I recorded from these broadcasts (dating from 1987 until 1992). The mix sounds like some sort of matrix audience recording. It is not perfect but it is a nice sounding recording. The DJ has many annoying break-ins to announce the station's call letters, laugh nervously at Buddy's string of profanities, etc... :)
I have never seen this circulated very widely but traded it to a couple of traders in the early 90's.

This is my first torrent and I have quite a few FM masters of blues shows from Antone's and audience masters from Antone's and various other blues clubs.

peace, jason