artist: Dirty Three
venue: Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia
date: Saturday 10 February 1996

(total 1:34:45)
1. start (2:51)
2. Wish I Could (8:52)
3. Sue's Last Ride (7:53)
4. Everything Is Fucked (9:37)
5. I Remember A Time When Once You Used To Love Me (8:55)
6. Toaster (3:36)
7. Kim's Dirt (11:39)
8. Warren's Lament (10:01)
9. encore (2:13)
10. Indian Love Song (16:50)
11. Suzanne [Leonard Cohen] (12:13)

master recorded and encoded by crankingamps

Warren Ellis - violin
Mick Turner - guitar
Jim White - drums

lineup: Malcolm Hill (not recorded)
Xylouris Ensemble (not recorded)
Dirty Three (this recording)

lineage: Sonic Studios DSM-6S binaural microphones > Sonic Studios PA-6LC3 power adapter lo cut 30Hz
> Sony TCD-D7 portable DAT recorder with Sonic Studios MOD-2 modification
> Maxell HS-4/120s DDS DDS DAT tape (16-bit, 48kHz) > Fostex D-15 DAT deck > AES/EBU
> Sound Devices 744T digital recorder as stereo wav file (16-bit 48kHz)
> Adobe Audition CC 2020 normalise, edit, track, export as flac files (16-bit, 48kHz, level 8)
> mp3tag > Traders Little Helper

no equalisation, no compression, no effects;
not for sale or commercial exchange, for trade or give away only