Frank Zappa & The Mothers
Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall
Kansas City, MO

1974 03 08

~~ From RobSam's 1st gen AUD tape ~~

Upgrade to previously seeded versions.

Original DR-1 transfer by doctorzap (in Shoebox:
speed corrected & tracked for FZ Shows.

Current FZshows entry:
1974 03 08 - Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS
115 min, Aud, B+/B
soundcheck intro, Cosmik Debris, Montana, improvisations, Dupree's Paradise (incl. Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy vamp), Pygmy Twylyte (incl. Dummy Up), The Idiot Bastard Son, Cheepnis, Andy, Florentine Pogen, Kung Fu, Penguin In Bondage, T'Mershi Duween, Dog Meat, RDNZL, Village Of The Sun, Echidna's Arf, Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?, King Kong, Chunga's Revenge, Mr Green Genes

This copy: 117.35 min, AUD 1st, A-

Lineage: Maxell XLII 1st gen > Nakamichi DR-1 > Realtek HDAudio pentium i7 > Soundforge 10 Pro Highest quality setting Izotope 64 bit src downsampling / MBIT+dither > TLH > CoolEdit2.0 (speed correction, level adjustments) > CDWave (tracking) > TLH LEVEL8 w/SBA

Taped by: unknown
Collected & contributed by: robsam
Transferred by: doctorzap
Edited by: JWB

Fill taken from unknown gen copy of same source/different dubline (walk: ~117 min, AUD, B/B+)
Original Seed:
Lineage: ? > CD from JN >wav (EAC secure mode) > flac (frontend) > CoolEdit2.0 (EQ to match main source & level adjustment)

Taped By: Unknown
Transferred By: walk
Edited By: JWB

The Mothers Of Invention, February - March 1974:
FZ, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Jeff Simmons, Tom Fowler, George Duke, Ruth Underwood, Bruce Fowler, Ralph Humphrey, Chester Thompson.


01 Intro [4:59]
02 Cosmik Debris [9:35]
03 Montana [5:58]
04 Dupree's Paradise [23:46] °°° cut @ 23:18 (during applause)
05 Pygmy Twylyte [5:25] °°° tf/cut @ 2:33 (music missing)
06 The Idiot Bastard Son [2:32]
07 Cheepnis [5:22] °°° cuts @ 4:30 & 5:22 (during applause)
08 Andy [10:58]
09 Florentine Pogen [4:08]
10 Kung Fu [1:11]
11 Penguin In Bondage [6:13]
12 T'mershi Duween [1:49]
13 Dog Meat [3:58]
14 RDNZL [5:24]
15 Village Of The Sun [3:49] °°° walk fill {0:56-2:14} & tf/cut @ 2:13 (music missing)
16 Echidna's Arf [3:57]
17 Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? [10:17] °°° cuts @ 9:24 & 10:15 (during applause)
18 King Kong [2:47]
19 Chunga's Revenge [3:45]
20 Mr. Green Genes [1:35] °°° cuts out at very end of song

Total time 117.35 min

The Walk source has common overlap material, but includes an additional minute of "Village Of The Sun". The only reason I can think of is that the 1st gen is really a 2nd gen and the missing portion of "Village" was accidentally excluded during dubbing from a common 1st gen.

Many thanks to the unknown taper.
Many thanks to robsam for contributing this 1st gen tape sourced version.
Many thanks to walk for seeding the fill source.
Many thanks to flambay for pitch advice.

Enjoy !!

Brought to you by robsam, doctorzap and JWB - August 2011