How I Quit Crack
Eighteen Ten Ojeman
Houston, TX

Lineage: Zoom Q3HD (Recording (24/96 stereo .wav)) > Audacity (limiting, normalization, split tracks & convert to 16/44.1 wav) > Trader's Little Helper (Convert to flac8)

recorded by bradleybee

hiqc20190808t0 (0:52)
hiqc20190808t1 (10:15)
hiqc20190808t2 (7:54)
hiqc20190808t3 (9:52)

How I Quit Crack

Originally four bands scheduled for Leon's. Cancelled and moved to Eighteen Ten Ojeman the day of the show.

The four band lineup is scheduled to play a second bonus show Friday night at Khon's

Ether Research
Gerritt Wittmer
How I Quit Crack