Hunter S. Thompson
University of Colorado Auditorium
Boulder, CO

CDR trade>dBpoweramp (secure) WAV>xACT FLAC lvl 8

Received this in a trade years ago. Fun listen!

Intro, American Dream, Tex Colson
Nixon & Football, Vietnam Books
Tom Wolfe
Trudeau, Running for Office
Rockefeller, Tri-Lateral Communication
Rush, Eldridge Cleaver
VD, Disco & Rolling Stone
World Series, MK-Ultra
Kesey, Canada
Evil As Nixon?, Uganda, Degeneracy
Steadman, Gonzo
More Kesey, Avoiding Jail
Silver Platter, The Slide
Carter Argument
Drug Question, Drunk & Loud
The Wishers, Fascists
Grateful Dead (fades out)