Munchen, Germany

Source: Schoeps MK6 (cardioid) > NBob actives > Naiant tinybox > Sony PCM-M10
Mic Config: DIN-A (90°, 17cm)
Location: 5m from the stage, left side
Transfer: Master WAVs > dEdit > FLAC V1.3.2
Editing: Digital editing in Apple Logic Pro X V10.3.1
EQ, compression and volume boost using iZotope Ozone7 V7.0.1299
Single claps removed using iZotope RX 6 De-click V6.00.1210
Fades in Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor V1.5.7
Dithering: MBIT+
Format: 16 bit / 44.1 kHz

Disc 1 (Regular Set:
01 (Intro)
02 Over and Over and Over
03 Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
04 Corporation
05 Cannon / I Just Want to Make Love to You [Muddy Waters]
06 Hotel Yorba
07 Why Walk a Dog?
08 That Black Bat Licorice
09 Missing Pieces
10 You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told)
11 I Cut Like a Buffalo
12 Love Interruption
13 Do
14 High Ball Stepper
15 Lazaretto
16 (Band Introductions)
17 I'm Slowly Turning Into You
18 (Encore Break)

Disc 2 (Encores):
01 Steady, as She Goes
02 Freedom at 21
03 Ice Station Zebra
04 Connected by Love
05 Seven Nation Army
06 (Outro)