Jack White
Rogers Place
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
November 2, 2018
"Boarding House Reach Tour"

Recorder: Sean Gursky (me@seangursky.com)
Location: General Admission, in front of soundboard
Equipment: CA 14 Card > CA 9200 > Edirol R-09HR
Lineage: SD Card > 24/48 WAV > Adobe Audition RMS Adjustment > Audacity EQ > Adobe Audition tracking and down sample to 16/44.1 WAV export > xACT FLAC Level 8

01. Countdown/Intro [03:27]
02. Over and Over and Over [03:46]
03. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground [04:20]
04. Corporation [05:19]
05. Hotel Yorba [03:28]
06. Love Interruption [08:11]
07. Why Walk a Dog? [04:14]
08. High Ball Stepper [05:23]
09. Freedom at 21 [03:10]
10. Offend in Every Way [02:52]
11. What's Done Is Done [04:46]
12. I Cut Like a Buffalo [06:06]
13. You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You're Told) [03:59]
14. We're Going to Be Friends [03:06]
15. Catch Hell Blues [05:33]
16. Cannon [01:10]
17. Freedom at 21 [01:59]
18. Respect Commander [02:10]
19. Instinct Blues [01:39]
20. I'm Slowly Turning Into You [06:00]
21. Encore Break [07:02]
22. Steady as She Goes [06:31]
23. Lazaretto [04:03]
24. Connected by Love [07:52]
25. Seven Nation Army [06:08]

Total concert length: 01:52:27

Show Notes:
First stop of the Canadian leg of the Boarding House Reach tour. Concert was not a sell out and there were some sections with noticeably empty seats.

Recording / Editing Notes:
Song strumming or introductions were edited to the previous track; eg: "What's Done is Done" starts with Jack's countdown but there is a little acoustic strumming and introduction at the end of "Offend in Every Way" or there is a little of a jam between "What's Done Is Done" and "I Cut Like a Buffalo" but the track cut only occurs when "Buffalo" is distinguishable in the playing.

"Cannon" was instrumental only and edited in to a track because it lasted for more than a minute.

"Instinct Blues" was sung briefly while the band played "Cannon".

"Encore Break" contains a few minute jam from the band when they returned to stage but the track doesn't transition to "Steady as She Goes" until it's recognizable.

I had some "bro boys" to my right and they began talking loudly halfway through the set, they are barely heard but after the "Encore Break" you noice them a little more. Thankfully it wasn't as noticeable as it was in person.

During "Lazaretto" someone tried talking to me about coats hanging on the rail behind me, he can be heard as he's talking near the right mic.

Settings on the CA 9200: Gain +10db, Volume 100% and Edirol R-09HR: Line Input: 38, Plug in Power: Off, Limited: Off, Low Cut: Off, Mic Gain: Low.

Adobe Audition channel adjustment to balance volume in channels, right had average RMS value that was 2.3 dB higher. My reference for calculating RMS in Adobe Audition (because I never remember) is here: http://bit.ly/2ooIg4e.

My final EQ adjustments were: -3dB Bass, +4dB Treble, +4dB Amplification plus an additional +2.5dB