Buddy Guy
Toronto Canada
Eastern Sound Studios FM Radio
"Command Performance"

This is the first of several great shows I have been asked to seed for doug99.

Lineage: 1st Gen tape from dat master. Cassette played on Yamaha Deck. Recorded onto disc by a Pioneer standalone cd recorder and downloaded onto PC
I received the wav files and split them up and created the torrent. There were small gaps as they went in to and came back from commercials. Looks like the edited most of them out when transfering to cassette. Its pretty seamless now. All fade in and outs were already on the wav files.

Here is a great sounding (Mostly Uncirculated, not on etree) Buddy Guy show from Toronto. Its an FM recording with full sound and not too much compression compared to other FM recordings. The production team blended in some audience ambient sound. between songs are interviews, Its a great show.
For all you Scott Holt fans, thats him on guitar with Buddy. Thanks again to Doug99... enjoy

1) Intro>She's A Superstar
2) Interview
3) She's 19 Years Old
4. Interview
5) Someone Else Slippin' In
6) Interview
7) Interview
8) Mustang Sally
9) Hoochie Coochie Man>Honey Bee
10) Interview
11) Sweet Little Angel
12) Interview
13) Country Man>Voodoo Child

Do not sell this recording Do share and trade it freely
Do not convert to any lossy format
Do support Buddy Guy.. See him live buy his music and come see his new club this summer when it opens.

Do record all the blues shows you can