Buddy Guy, with Keb' Mo', Palais Theatre, Melbourne, 18 March 2008

SP Shure Super Cardioids > MZ-N1 (SP mode) with battery box > line in (InPort) > Cool edit 2000 > EAC (secure mode) (cue sheet created) > FLAC 1.7.1 front end (level 8) > torrent

Only edits to wave file were fades in/out and normalization to 100%

taped by BWE

Taper's notes: recorded FOB 40 m from stage, centre. mics on lapels. Some parts of concert were played by Buddy very, very softly so these quiet parts of the recording are as it happened !

trade freely. Do not sell.
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Track List:

01: Nobody Understands Me But My Guitar
02: Stormy Monday
03: I've Got Dreams to Remember
04: Someone Else is Stepping In (Slippin' Out, Slippin' In)
05: Drowning on Dry Land
06: ?
07: tease: Strange Brew
08: tease: Boom Boom
with Keb' Mo':
09: Hoochie Coochie Man
10: Everything Gonna Be Alright
11: instrumental
12: tease: Voodoo Chile
13: Damn Right, I've Got the Blues
14: band introduction
15: I Just Want to Make Love to You
16: instrumental
17: instrumental outro