Buddy Guy
Constitution Hall
Washington DC

Source: Audience
Length: 65 Min
Lineage: Zoom H4 (44.1khz 16 bit)->usb 2.0->CD Wave Editor->Flac->you
Seat: Section Q Row F Seat 4 $65.00 + that damned service charge

Set List:
Need some help here!!!

1. Best Damned Fool
2. Hootchie Cootchie Man
4. Skin Deep
7. Medley (Boom Boom, Strange Brew, Voodoo Chile)
8. Damn Right I got the Blues

Recorded by Blah33?. Sound is very nice. Before anyone starts bitching, NO SOUND SAMPLES, NO ARTWORK!!! If you wanna make
artwork, have at it. I'm a busy guy so I don't have time for samples. If I get too much shit I'm gonna stop uploading.
Seriously people, you get shit for free, dont bitch.

BB KING to follow.

Convert to MP3 all you want and post wherever the fuck you want. JUST DONT SELL THIS SHIT!!!!