Buddy Guy
Keswick Theater
May 21, 2010

jerseyboy recording

ca14's>ca9100>Sound Forge Pro 10> CD Architect 5>EAC>flac6

This is my best shot at a setlist as far as tracking...

1. Nobody Loves Me But My Guitar
2. Hoochie Coochie Man
3. She's 19 Years Old
4. ??
5. Milkin' MotherF***er
6. t Someone else Is Slippin' In
7. Fever
8. I Just Want To Make Love To Love>?
9. Skin Deep
10. Buddy Tells a story
11. Drowning On Dry Land
12. Rock Me Baby
13. Buddy's Blues History Lesson
14. Damn RIght I Got The Blues
15. Miss You tease
16. Voodoo Child/Sunshine Of Your Love
17. Do Your Thing
18. Outro music

The Headliner of the night which featured Moreland & Arbuckle as the opener followed by Jimmie Vaughan & The Tilt-a-whirl Band. A great of blues music at the Keswick.
While this is my 5th time seeing Buddy, I've got to say JImmie Vaughan stole the show on this night. Buddy is a legend...he plays a mean guitar, but I wish he would come out one night and just play
the songs. I've grown tired of the start and stop routine, and this soap box that Buddy feels he still needs to be on about not being on the radio or tv etc. I love ya Buddy...I know your history...that's why I come
to see you...I buy your cds...your preaching to the choir. Oh FAIR WARNING: There's a reasonably drunk guy in the left channel that participates, sings and talks to Buddy all night. It's almost entertaining.

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