Buddy Guy & The Damn Right Blues Band
State Theatre
Ithaca, New York USA

Recorded by SDC
Transferred by SDC

Sony PCM-10 (built-in mikes)-- 16-bit, 44,000 wav files--Trader's Little Helper--Flac Level 6, SBE corrected

Buddy Guy - Guitars - Vocals
Marty Sammon - Keyboards
Orlando Wright - Bass
Ric Hall - Guitars
Tim Austin - Drums

01. Damn Right I?ve Got The Blues
02. Five Long Years
03. I Just Want To Make Love To You, etc.
04. 74 Years Young
05. Buddy Banters
06. Boom, Boom (John Lee Hooker)
07. Someone Else Is Steppin? In
08. Fever
09. History of Blues Guitar-Sweet Sixteen (B.B. King)
10. History of Blues Guitar-Hendrix
11. History of Blues Guitar-Sunshine of Your Love (Cream)
12. Meet Me In Chicago
13. Outro

This was a great show. He is the real deal, but also a showman. The recording came out fairly well, although the quiet parts are pretty quiet. In the interest of getting the raw document out I haven?t boosted the volume at all. The show was in an old movie house, and during ?Someone Else is Steppin? In? he played his way all the way up the main floor and out the door. It was pretty fun. When he does his Hendrix stuff (Track 10) it?s weird to think that he probably learned it watching the man himself. There are points during that track that he is playing with his teeth, and with a cloth on the neck.