Buddy Guy and Stevie Ray Vaughn
Chicago, Illinois Buddy Guy's Legends Club
July 30th, 1989

Side A
1) It's Still Called Called the Blues (Buddy Guy only)
2) B. Guy Introduces SRV Jam --> Champagne and Reefer
3) Mary Had a Little Lamb
4) Leave My Little Girl Alone --> Worry, Worry
Side B
5) Worry, Worry (cont)
6) Voodoo Chile (SRV only)
7) The Things That I Used To Do (SRV only)
8) Pride and Joy (SRV only)
9) Tin Pan Alley (SRV only)

A few months after the tragic accident that took Stevie Ray Vaughn's life I had the good fortune of finding some audio cassette bootlegs for sale at a travelling flea market where I was going to college. If I could have, I would have bought every SRV boot that was for sale. Needing help deciding which ones to buy - this one was really good - the seller assured me. I have seen 4 track versions of this show from a CD silver floating around, but this one has an additional set of SRV solo. I do not have encyclopedic knowledge of SRV shows, sets, etc and I would really like to know from those that do if the extra tracks are legitimately from that date and venue. In case it helps solve the mystery (doubtful) I have included a scan of the track list that came with the casette...cheers and enjoy...

lineage: SBD -> ? -> Maxell XLII (unknown generation) -> Onkyo TA-RW244 (No EQ / Dolby NR Off) -> MacBook Pro line in -> Audacity 1.3.7 44100 Hz stereo-> WAV (Side A & B) -> GarageBand 1.4.2 (split tracks) -> .aif -> dBpoweramp Release 13.3 -> FLAC (level 5)