Budgie - The Electric Ballroom, Milwaukee 1987-05-04

Group: Budgie
Venue: The Electric Ballroom
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Date: 4 May, 1978
Quality: Excellent Soundboard

Lineage: Master cassette > reel-to-reel > CDR > FLAC

Set List:

1. Melt the Ice Away (cuts in)
2. In the Grip of a Tyrefitter's Hand
3. Smile Boy Smile
4. In For the Kill (Medley)
5. Love For You and Me
6. Parents
7. Who Do You Want For Your Love?
8. Don't Dilute the Water (tape flip during)
9. Sky High Percentage
10. Breaking All the House Rules
11. Zoom Club
12. Breadfan

Line Up:

Burke Shelley - bass, lead vocals
Tony Bourge - lead guitar
Myf Isaac - rhythm guitar
Steve Williams - drums


Budgie coming to town was a big thing! Getting free passes to it was a dream. The
show was great, I got a few photos and autographs on LPs and press pictures. Then I
found out that the brother of this guy I knew woked for the company that did the sound
for the show. When the guy said that I could have a copy of the tape his brother made,
I rushed over to their house with my reel-to-reel machine.

This seed is an unadulterated digital copy of my 1st generation tape of the show. The
first track is missing a bit of the beginning because, as I was told, the brother was
a little slow in hitting the record button. There's a tape flip in track 8.

I traded it quite a few times over the years and parts of the show appeared on a couple
of bootlegs, "Live At the Electric Ballroom" and "Dodge City" (I hope the bootleggers
didn't use one of my traded cassettes). The date often gets listed as April 5th, but
it was May 4th as the scan of a pass will show. I also scanned in one of my old faded
photos from the show. Burke is without his glasses because, as we were told, he had
gotten them broken the night before in a scuffle in some bar (probably Chicago! just
joking). So here it is in all of it's glory!