August 9th 1986
Town Hall
Loughborough, England

Source: Audience
Sound Quality: A-
Lineage: Unknown

Thanks to Luciferburns who provided me this recording

--- Tracklist ---

01 Intro > Crime Against The World
02 Don't Cry
03 Gunslinger
04 Rock Your Blood
05 Panzer Division Destroyed
06 Truth Drug
07 She Used Me Up
08 I Turned To Stone
09 Superstar
10 Wildfire
11 Breadfan
12 Outro

--- Line-up ---

Burke Shelley - vocals, bass
Steve Williams - drums
John Thomas - vocals, guitar

--- Info ---

This is one of the very few Budgie live appearances from mid to late 80s, which now saw the band playing mostly tracks from Power Supply and Nightflight. Besides, 'Rock Your Blood', which never made it into any record and is now available on 'The Last Stage' compilation, was played very frequently on those days. This concert was held a shortly before a small UK tour scheduled to late August, although it had to be cancelled because Burke Shelley smashed his thumb during some sessions with Metallica in Cardiff. It was also one of the last concerts with Steve Williams on board as he departed later on that year and therefore ex-UFO drummer Jim Simpson was called in to fill the gap. After a few concerts held in 1987 and 1988, Budgie disbanded and would only reform to play again during La Semana Alegre Festival, in San Antonio, Texas, in 1995.