Butthole Surfers
February 12, 1986

Source \ Lineage: very low unknown gen (1-3 tops!)>(unknown transfer)>CD>EAC>flac (level 8)

1) Johnny Smoke
2) >cont.<
3) Cherub
4) Suicide
5) Graveyard
6) Moving to Florida
7) 100 Million
8) To Parter
9) Tornadoes
10) Pittsburg to Lebanon
11) Psychedelic Jam
12) Lady Sniff
13) U.S.S.A.
14) Comb
15) Concubine

This is the UBER-RARE complete show! Even among long time Butthole Surfers collectors, you probably won’t find this one!...

While a pretty popular show, it has always circulated ending after “Lady Sniff”. A recent listing of the setlist from this show revealed the encores of U.S.S.A. and “Comb”. That was thought to be the missing encore set, but this very recent discovery featuring “Concubine” is pretty much unheard of by anybody…until now!...

To find a copy of this one with even just “U.S.S.A” and “Comb” is damn near impossible, but to find the complete performance just doesn’t happen. It took me at least a dozen attempts to get this, over the course of just as many, if not more, years…

For those who care, I’ll save you the trouble of trying to decipher from the myriad of trade lists that have this show listed as anywhere between 45-60 minutes in length whether you’ll be getting the full version, or even a version that is up to par in sound quality. Previous copies of this show have been anywhere from an A- to a B- in quality, and none have been complete. Some copies start off in stellar quality and drop off after “Cherub”, as does the video of this one, which starts off as a SBD feed before dropping off to a decent, but not great, quality audience recording.

The video is also incomplete minus the encores. Plus, the master video was used to cull “Cherub” fer the short film of the same name. Hence, all known video copies are missing that song, as well as a good portion of “Suicide”, along with the encore sets.

After speaking with King about the use of the song fer the film, he replied: “I think he just did it.  Neither of us were in a position to license anything back then.”; which makes the song ok here, I believe.

Here ya have a solid A- quality audience recording throughout. That in itself is relatively rare, but the complete encores…unheard of!…and unheard, for the most part, until now.

While not the best performance of their career, especially considering the infamous Danceteria madness was just 5 days prior to this one, it is still a worthy addition to yer collection if ya don’t have it, and a certain upgrade if ya do. I hope you enjoy it!

The band was told after the Danceteria gig that they would never play NYC again…but here they are, a mere 5 days later and still stained with green paint from the antics…

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