Musikhalle, Hamburg

Source: audience recording, generation unknown
Quality: C+

(A = excellent, E = abysmal)

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Disk 1

01 Vitamin C 51:57
02 Spoon 10:05

Disk 2

01 Untitled 25:55
02 Untitled 11:52
03 One more night 15:33

Damo Suzuki - vocals
Holger Czukay - bass
Michael Karoli - guitar
Jaki Liebezeit - drums
Irmin Schmidt - keyboards

I seeded this concert on Dime in 2010 labelled as Hamburg 72/73. It was a contested date until recently this year and is now excepted as coming from the May 1971 tour of Germany. It used to be seen on lists as 14th October 1973 but that was impossible as Damo Suzuki left Can after their Edinburgh Festival show in August of that year. I had a conversation with Suzuki about this show in 2006 and he confirmed this.

Its a reasonably good audience recording from the time with virtually no tape hiss and a great intense Can show.

You know the drill. For trade or giveaway only.

Uploaded to Dime by hT 2014.01.19