Volkshall, Watzenborn - Steinberg / Giessen

Audience recording


Lineage: Bootleg LP> ? > WAV> Amadeus (tracked and split)> WAV> xACT> Flac


01. Peking O (21:39)
02. Paperhouse (11:36)
03. Full Moon On The Highway (06:29)
04. Unknown (08.57)
05. Unknown (17.55)


01. Bring Me Coffee Or Tea (06:46)
02. You Doo Right (15:54)
03. Halleluwah (12:32)
04. Turtles Have Short Legs (06:18)

Total. 1:48:06

This is from a vinyl rip done by Richard F and sent to me in Jan 2014. DonÕt know what equipment was used for the rip but the vinyl had hardly been played and, apart from a few pops here and there, itÕs very clean.The only editing, done in Amadeaus,was removal of some dead space at the start and end of some tracks, aligning and splitting. No other alterations were done.

Artwork is included based on the original bootleg cover. There are also photos of the original LP cover.

Feel free to do with this as you want for your own amusement, but please donÕt speed correct, EQ or anything else and then upload it back here as the Ôdefinitive versionÕ. (Unless of course you know exactly what you are doing and can provide details of what you have done including the proper lineage!)

Pass it on

JP 2015