CAN [jonsatticuk-Flambay-TomP]
Volkshall, Watzenborn-Steinberg, Giessen


Source: Mono Audience recording > DAT > Bootleg LP > Project turntable > Sugden amp > Apogee converters > WAV (24bit 44.1KHz) >
WAV (16bit 44.1KHz) > Amadeus (tracked and split) > xACT > FLAC >

Contrast clause: 2 inferior sounding posts not sourced from the vinyl boot &

Fine jonsatticuk art is included

Quality: B not unexpected given the historic early date - previously rated as C

The source for this re-master was the original vinyl rip (done by Richard F in January 2014 and first posted on Dime in January 2015).
There were a further two sources not taken from the vinyl boot and other Dimers’ legacy recordings to consider, but they all proved to
be inferior sounding. Three further Richard F re-rips were received, but they were all of varying quality, contained more vinyl clicks
and none were better that the fist rip. Flambay had applied speed corrections to these other rips, so the same settings were used for
this re-master. The recording was converted back to its original mono and a few other small fixes were applied to improve the sound.
The sound quality may still not be terrific, but the performance is clearer and shines out now.

TomP post on Dime, Mar.2016...Enjoy !!

01 - Peking O 22:17 [-50]
02 - Paperhouse 11:57 [-50]
03 - Full Moon On The Highway 6:39 [-45]
04 - Unknown 9:13 [-70..50] first 3:04 [-50] the rest
05 - Unknown 18.54 [-100..-85]
06 - Bring Me Coffee Or Tea 7:08 [-100..-75] first 2:57 [-75] the rest
07 - You Doo Right 16:36 [-75]
08 - Halleluwah 13:05 [-75]
09 - Turtles Have Short Legs 6:35


Total = 112.26 (was 108:06)

Edit details (Nero 8 unless indicated:

Converted to dual channel mono using the better sounding L channel
Applied Flambay cents speed correction settings in brackets in the set list (Audition)
Fixed a number of vinyl clicks
Treble EQ +2db
Corrected patches of volume variation throughout
Flac Tags (Tag & Rename)
Flac 6 + SBE / decode check (TLH)