University of Essex
Colchester, UK
8th May 1972

Source: Dime post #111300, banned for inclusion of official track 06
aud > ? > cdr > eac > flac > Nero 8 (edit) > TLH (flac 6 +SBE/decode check)

Fine jonsatticuk artworks, modified by fastone (thanks) are included

Contrast clause: CD re-rip of original raw files

Quality: Performance A+, sound quality B+ (was B- or C)

Prompted by a re-post of the original, I checked it out and found that it is actually a mono recording with
very high hiss, so I fixed did my best to fix this and it it does sound a lot better, you can now hear the
individual instruments and Damo's voice much more clearly. Hope you like it.

TomP post on Dime, January 2014...Enjoy !!

01 - Improvisation (16:33)
02 - Halleluwah +Improvisation (18:59)
03 - Paperhouse (10:27)
04 - Spoon + Improvisation (19:32)
05 - Bring Me Coffee or Tea (13:04)
06 - Improvisation + Halleluwah + Improvisation (37:22) OFFICIAL TRACK REMOVED *

* Released on Can Live 1971-77, sadly poorer sound quality than the Dime post
* Can be stitched in if you completely remove the 2sec silence at the beginning

Edit Details:

Fixed micro-gaps between all tracks
Seamlessly combined the 2 parts of Paperhouse
Fixed the gap at 15:55 in track04
Selected the better of L- and R-channels to make dual mono
EQ, +3dB bass, +5db Treble
Smoothed out inter-track discontinuities
Noise print NR, low setting for improved SQ, not minimum noise