MAY 11, 1972

1. Finish Your Job 4:55
2. Shikako Maru Ten 2:45
3. Untitled (Scream) 5:31
4. Untitled (All Night Long) 5:37
5. Damo speaks 0:17
6. Spoon 1 9:36
7. Spoon 2 4:45

TT = 33m, 26s

Holger Czukay - bass guitar
Michael Karoli - guitar
Jaki Liebezeit - drums
Irmin Schmidt - keyboards, lap steel guitar
Damo Suzuki - vox

T1 - "A Pinch of Can" CDr > EAC > flac, level 8 > Adobe Audition 3 > Reaper for speed correction (SC), editing.
T2 - Simon's C90 cassette (first six seconds) + remastered ykw tape w/ SC + Gunther's tape w/ SC (last fifty seconds)
T3 - remastered ykw tape w/ SC
T4 - remastered ykw tape w/ SC + Gunther's tape w/ SC (ending and applause)
T5 - Gunther's tape w/ SC
T6 - Gunther's tape w/ SC
T7 - remastered ykw tape w/ SC

For this final revision I asked Scott Eden to send me his version of this concert, which came from the great collector Gunther.
I had previously had an alternate version of Gunther's recording which was the same but damaged by noise reduction. This version had none.

YouKnoWho's personal tape sounded like a remastered version of Gunther's and was also incomplete, so I patched on missing portions from Gunther's and an alternate C90 tape source, kindly sent to me by Simon Dell. (

The first track is from my copy of "A Pinch of Can", a 2CD rarities bootleg, and had a skip in the middle which I removed seamlessly.

All content except Simon's C90 tape needed speed correction, an increase of 1.16 semitones, which I performed with Reaper 5.17 and Elastique 3.1.4 Pro, after decode to wav and DC bias adjustment in Adobe Audition.

With many, many thanks to Scott, YKW, Simon and Gunther for their contributions.

- tezeta, Nov. 2017