CAN [Flambay-TomP V3 Remaster]

Source #1 - used for tracks 01-02

Source #2 - used for the bulk of tracks 03-06 after conversion from 48/16 to 44.1 / 16

Source #3 - used to patch gaps between other sources plus ~ 2min extra music at the end of track 06
My Remaster of Dime post by 'bloop2000'
line-age: cassette-trade -> wavelab -> flac

Contast clause: is the Mother Sky boot rip

Fine updated Fastone art is also included - thanks !!

Quality: A for the recording, A++ for the performance and historic vintage

Prompted by post of the inferior sounding Mother Sky boot rip (one of the sources I rejected for v1), I have
been asked to re-seed this 'Definitive Edition' and the only change is the addition of artworks and flac tags.
The music in unaltered, but files are changed by tagging, so you do not need this if you have the original v2
and do not care about flac tags.

My original v1 remaster (to mono) used the best sounding of 3 different previous Dime posts. The recent posting
of new sources 1 & 2 caused me to check and both are slightly better sounding, source 1 being the best, although
again they were also mono sources with a little "fake stereo enhancement" somewhere in the lineage and both
with the right channel being the best quality, so I did the remastering above to combine the best of all the
sources and was very pleased with result.

Now Flambay has kindly advised speed correction which gives a further improvement, to which I added a few more
small changes, so here now is V3 which is hopefully the definitive edition.

TomP post on Dime, March 2016...Enjoy !!

Set List (75:15)

01 - Entropy (19.12) *
02 - Improv > Vitamin C (21.40)
03 - Bring Me Coffee or Tea (9.14)
04 - Mother Sky (12.03)
05 - Peking O (4.10) >
06 - Spoon (8.56)

A shorter lower quality version of track 01 is on the 'Radio Waves' boot CD

V2 Changes: (Nero 8 unless indicated)
Converted Sources 1&2 back to straight mono using better sounding right channel only
Fixed 100+ significant volume swings (ranging from 2-30sec)
Fixed glitch at beginning of track 01
Patched transitions between tracks on sources 1&2 using source 3
Patched further 2min onto the end of track06 from source 3
Re-tracked track transitions
Flac tagging (Tag&Rename)

V3 Changes (Nero 8 unless indicated):

Increased volume of tracks 03-06 by +1dB
Fixed patches of phase inversion in tracks 03-06 (Audition)
Fixed SBEs
Bass EQ +2dB
Speed correction using Flambay settings [gradual cents change from start > end] (Audition)
Track 01 [-12 > -25]
Track 02 [-30 > -70]
Track 03 [-15 > -20]
Track 04 [-20 > -30]
Track 05 [-45 > -50]
Track 06 [-50 > -120]