Re-speeded, tagged and re-seeded with bonus tracks by tezeta, Dec. 2015.


Olympia, Paris
May 12 or 22, 1973

Source: Dime, SBD > ANA(?) > CDR(?) > EAC > WAV > FLAC (level 6)
Ripped, encoded and seeded by humanoidboo on October 19, 2004
Re-seeded by Vierstein91

Editing (Nero6)
Selected Right channel (mono) after comparison with Left
Fixed dim / quiet first 2.21 of d1t2
Fixed the tape flip / glitch d2t1
Inserted track markers in d2t1 after the glitch
Fixed extreme volume fluctuations
Eliminated applause fragments
Crossfaded between tracks for smooth transitions
Faded out aubrupt end of last track
Now fits on a single CD-R90 (or split before Spoon for 2 CD-R80's)
Gentle 2db Nero noise reduction, without affecting the music

Transfer: flac > Nero > burn > EAC > Flac Frontend (level 6)
Quality: Worth the A+ now

The original seeder 'humanoidboo' said..
"This is a great probably my all-time favourite live CAN recording, right up there with
the 1972 WDR broadcast) show in excellent soundboard quality, though a bit hissy in places
... and it's got Damo on vocals!"

Well...I already upgraded his other favorite (WDR 1972) and the original seeder (booomboom)
commented... "Respect, the result is more than excellent"

So...Now here is the Paris 1973 upgrade with the encouragementof both 'humanoidboo' and
'Vierstein91'. Quick attempts at remixing determined that the original is a mono recording
with heavy 'fake stereo' processing, confirmed by A/B comparison of L-mono and R-mono
versions, of which the Right channel is significantly clearer, especially as you can now
hear Holger's bass better, so that is the basis of this upgrade.

I also did other fixes (above), added track markers, a little noise reduction and smoothed
track transitions, resulting in an even more enjoyable listen, especially on headphones,
that fits on a single CD-R90 if your burner / software can handle them (most can now), so...


Holger Czukay - bass
Michael Karoli - guitar
Jaki Liebezeit - drums
Irmin Schmidt - keyboards
Damo Suzuki - vocals

Set List (89.20)
1. 'Queueing down' (35.59)
2. One more night (08.49)
3. Spoon (16.06)
4. Stars and Lines (14.41)
5. Vitamin C (13:41) - fades out

Notes / Credits:
1. Thanks again to 'Vierstein91' and 'humanoidboo' for their posts and encouragement !!
2. I've included the original artworks - can anybody update them?

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For trading only
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