Can - Edinburgh Empire 25th August 1973

1. Improvisation/Soup 14:35
2. Improvisation/Stone Strike 31:51
3. Hakucho No Uta 10:16

TT = 0:56:42

Concert as part of the 1973 Edinburgh Festival.
This was the final gig with Damo Suzuki.

Damo Suzuki - vocals
Michael Karoli - guitar
Holger Czukay - bass
Irmin Schmidt - keyboards
Jaki Liebezeit - drums

"Some interesting points about this recording:
Can recorded the concert on a multitrack with the intention of releasing a live album, but unfortunately they forgot to plug Michael's guitar amp into the recorder input, and thus his guitar was only picked up by the drums and vocal microphones (so the live album was abandoned). That would seem to be this recording, which is really nice quality except that Michael's guitar is often buried in the mix by Irmin's keyboards, but musically it still shines inspite of that. Source is something like a second or third generation copy for tracks 1&2 (and better than what I had on cassette since 1980) while the encore is from a different source which is of comparable and possibly better quality to previous versions.
There are reports of a second set and tracks with other titles, contrary to the info I had from a friend that attended who said they only did the one set (after all they were support act to Procol Harum)."

tezeta: Compared this to my previous high gen version and they sound virtually the same with exception to the SQ. Unpacked the three tracks to WAV and put them into Adobe Audition 3 for revision. Despite this tape having been mastered by YKW on his receiving it I first adjusted the DC bias around the center wave (absolute zero dB, with left/right channels locked) as I've been told it is best to do this before speed adjustments are made. I then, using the pitch bend tool, applied the same speed settings flambay had given me for the previous version of the tape, which look like this:

T1: -0.5 semitones
T2: P1.a: (0:00-20:50) -0.6 semitones
T2: P1.b: (20:50-cut) -0.6...-0.9 semitones (glide)
T2: P2 (cut-end) -0.6 semitones
T3: -0.32...-0.5 semitones (glide)

Exported to WAV and back to FLAC level 8 w/ TLH.

I don't intend to say this is the definitive master, but it is my chosen personal listening copy and certainly the best I've ever heard. Unless Tom_P or someone else is planning on releasing a 1st gen or a revision with more definite lineage I'd confidently say this is a strong contender for a definitive low gen revision of the concert. The listening and comparison I will leave to those with patient and observant ears. :)

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