Bordeaux, France

Disc 1 - 43.55
1 One More Night 7.58
2 Improvisation/Vitamin C 35.58

Disc 2 - 44.53
1 'Spoonesque' 12.13
2 Bel Air 11.05
3 'Jam Coffee' 11.25
4 'Schwer' 10.11

Total length: 1:28:49

lineage: CD > EAC (secure) > WAV > Audacity > FLAC 7 > FLAC

I kindly received this recording from Gunter Wandtke in 2005.

Notes that came with this recording from Gunter:

With the Bordeaux 73-Nov-30 Vitamin C set it is the other way round
[he was comparing this show to "73-Oct-14"], they start out with an
unknown improvization which goes into familiar Vitamin C melody lines
at about 11.50. They play some Vitamin C variations, then fall back
into free improvization.

tezeta: Definitely the best source widely available. Would love to hear
a low-gen version dating pre-2005. Speed reduced by 0.32 semitones.
Really spectacular first recorded performance from the post-Damo Suzuki era.

Note from Scott: I originally wrote on my site that I thought there
might be faint vocals in One More Night - I am now not sure if I was
hearing faint vocals or some audience member chatter - nevertheless
I apologize if I spread false information.