Szene TV
sometime in 1973, broadcast 1974

"Stone Strike" (aka Smoke Some) (5:04)

Kenji 'Damo' Suzuki - voice
Michael Karoli - guitar
Holger Czukay - bass
Irmin Schmidt - keyboards
Jaki Liebezeit - drums

This is a merge by my friend flambay of two sources, one shorter with better quality with the lineage TV
> CDr
> EAC > Flac which makes up a bit more than the second half of the track, sent to me by knudfrank.

Below flambay describes his editing to merge this and the alternate complete source I had.

"Started with the non-DAT version; the transition from lossy to lossless version happens at around 2:03-2:04;
then the DAT version for the remainder of the track, except for the last cymbal smash which is a bit more complete in the non-DAT version.

As the DAT version is complete mono, I have reduced the stereo impression of the non-DAT part by mixing 75% from each channel with 25% from the respectively other.
The final smash has been converted to complete mono."

A nice video rip of the band playing the tune can be found here:

With many, many thanks to knudfrank and flambay!