1. Splash 12:43
2. Chain Reaction/Meadow Sweet 18:33
3. Up the Floyd 3:08
4. Glory 12:24
5. Dizzy Dizzy 16:51
6. Quantum Physics 12:14
7. Port Lemon 9:09


1. Chain Reaction 11:57
2. Splash/Gomorrah 14:07
3. Dizzy Dizzy 7:03
4. Full Moon on the Highway 11:04
5. Pinch/Improvisation 27:57
6. Meadow Sweet 12:01
7. Quantum Physics 5:29

Holger Czukay - Bass
Michael Karoli - Guitar, vocals
Jaki Liebezeit - Drums
Irmin Schmidt - Keys

Contrast clause: If you've downloaded previous editions of various tapes/dates of this from DIME, you may be able to get
the same concert this torrent has by simply re-ordering and titling your existing tracks. Set two was posted by fbauer on
DIME as torrent 480201. Set one is a 2nd/3rd gen FM cassette received through personal trade, with two audience patches,
posted not long ago by me with extra tracks from the late set. I have changed the running order of the set, based on
empirical evidence. The sound is quite good on both performances, and I think this stands as a very cohesive and authentic
tribute to a wonderful pair of concerts and an unstoppable live group. I have also named the untitled pieces based on
official setlist nicknames - because why not? I hope this may sort some details out for these two sets as to their actual
date, and maybe give some listeners a more personal experience.- tezeta, Jan. 2016