Can - 1975 05 04 - The Greyhound, Croydon [FLAC from AUP]

1. Chain Reaction 10:50
2. Bel Air 11:30
3. Dizzy Dizzy 9:43
4. Pinch/Meadow Sweet 12:21
5. Yoo Doo Right 17:52* omitted
6. The Gypsy 11:03

No Gaps! 73:52

tezeta: I got this terrific concert from the start of Can's '75 U.K. spring tour (see live guide: from my
wonderful contact, Helen. It was two AUP>FLAC files derived from the sides of "a very old, cheap FE C60 cassette", likely placed in a very basic mono
dictation-type recorder, from an original transfer done c. 2001. I estimated proper levels of speed reduction for each side, then sent it off to be reduced
to mono and cleaned up by my very talented friend YouKnoWho. Please note track five had to be omitted for copyright reasons. Please purchase the "Live 71-77"
album to hear an edited version in much better quality. If you are interested in sampling the unofficial bits... PM me!

Work log...
Left channel was hyper-grotty - so dropped it completely
Remove obvious clicks, scan for non-obvious ones and repair
Right channel only mid-low fi, enhanced twice, copied to other channel, EQ'd and enhanced again, normalize to -12db
Tracks split then pitched. Tracks 1-3 adjustment rate of -0.6