CD1 43:14

101. Chain Reaction 17:32
102. Bel Air 7:46
103. Dizzy Dizzy 9:39
104. Pinch/Meadow Sweet 8:10

CD2 62:21

201. The Gypsy 17:57
202. One More Night/Splash 11:30
203. Full Moon on the Highway 22:35 (ext. host:
204. Unfinished 10:18 (ext. host:


Holger Czukay - bass guitar
Michael Karoli - guitar, vocals
Jaki Liebezeit - drums, percussion
Irmin Schmidt - keyboards

TT = 1:45:34

supplier source notes
jonsatticuk: A stereo audience recording. Sound quality is perfectly acceptable though not as good as the previous day's show at Colchester. Not sure if this one has been
widely circulated before. Exact lineage is unknown but it does sound very low generation. With thanks to Richard for the original transfer from his cassette.

tezeta: I passed the main part of this excellent concert share by jonsatticuk to my kind friend flambay for speed correction. flambay did a very careful and accurate job.
I picked up the end of "Full Moon" and the final enacore as high-range VBR MP3's from a CDr entitled "Live, Landed" and while they have some significant phasing problems and a
somewhat shaky sound environment, I still think it is quite acceptable and a stellar performance, so I left them as is, except for converting them to WAV for speed adjustment.
You will hear the transition to the CDr around the 14th minute of "Full Moon". To the MP3 sources I applied speed reduction of -0.165 semis, done in Reaper with the files
converted to WAV. Some song titles were also adjusted for historical accuracy.

YKW's additional remastering (Sound Forge 6) notes:
I think this is from even more sources than stated, for example the opening Chain Reaction sounds like it is further from the stage (and is boomy and overloaded) and in later
tracks we can hear different people chatting at different points and the stereo dimension keeps changing throughout. Anyway, I basically attempted to EQ it all the same
(not quite possible) repair the levels, glitches and drop-outs, and also do a better overlap in Full Moon... I also cut out some bits of audience that had been clumsily
inserted and replaced some close chit-chat with ambience. Also fixed one tape splice in "The Gypsy".