Arènes d'Arles, France
6 August 1975

aud>1st gen cassette>cdr>eac(secure mode)>flac(level 8)>
Soundforge 10:
speed correction, between -25cts and +15cts,
minor phase offset adjustments,
all detected drop out spots cleaned,
patches included from FBauer source,
all tracks merged to one single wav file >
Flac level 8

Fbauer source patches extracted, speed corrected, phase offset and volume level adjusted
to closer match with main source.

FBauer source Patches included in that single file can be found here:
{1:18:06,550 - end}

You may want to re-track that single file
to your own liking, along the individual track titles.

-- flambay


Tracks split in Audacity, March 2016, by tezeta. Repeat section edited out.

1. Dizzy Dizzy 13:33
2. Bring Me Coffee or Tea 11:12
3. Vitamin C 7:51
4. Red Hot Indians/Meadow Sweet 23:07
5. Chain Reaction/The Gypsy 22:50

TT = 1:18:33

with huge thanks to flambay, fbauer, Michel, and Olivier!