16th JANUARY 1976

Source: Dime id 111267 sbd> ?> cdr> eac> shn> Xact> Amadeaus> Xact> Flac> N
ero (edit)> TLH (flac 6 +SBE/decode check)

Contrast clause: re-seeded here

Nice fastone artworks are included - thanks !!

Quality: Worth an A+ now

Prompted by the current Can-flood, I re-discovered this long forgotten jewel, which was posted and a combination with the
London 1976 set - and a great one it is !! With the remastering I did, it sounds even better.

TomP post on Dime, January 2014...Enjoy !!

Holger Czukay bass guitar

Michael Karoli guitar, vocals,

Jaki Liebezeit drums, percussion

Irmin Schmidt keyboards

01 - Pinch + Improvisation 10:15

02 - Dizzy Dizzy 08:32

03 - Chain Reaction + Half Past One 23:04

04 - Vernal Equinox + Improvisation 20:56

05 - Ibis + Improvisation 15:00

Total = 77:47

Edit details:

Fixed large balance offsets to left
Corrected volume fluctuations
Fixed inter-track gaps / discontinuities / repeated sections
Phase offset correction, moved left channel -1 sample
Bass EQ +2dB
Re-tracked, combining several short tracks
Flac tagging (Tag&Rename)