(TomP remaster)


Source: Dime id 111267 sbd > ?> cdr >eac> shn> Xact>Amadeaus >Xact> Flac
(edit) >Nero >TLH (flac6 +SBE/decode check)

Contrast clause: re-seeded here

Quality: Worth and A now

This show was originally combined with Grenoble as a single post from different ends of 1976. The original is very good
sound quality, audibly from a master, but very raw and slightly distorted. Given the theatre and the short length, this
is possibly a BBC FM broadcast if the phase shift is anything to go by, although others claim it is either SBD or a very
good AUD.

Anyway, the simple remastering improves the sound quality substantially, so I hope folks like it.

TomP post on Dime, January 2014...Enjoy !!

Holger Czukay, bass guitar

Michael Karoli, guitar, vocals,

Jaki Liebezeit, drums, percussion

Irmin Schmidt, keyboards

01 - Moonshake + Don't Say No 14:13

02 - Vitamin C 7:33

03 - Pinch + Improvisation 24:45

Total = 45:20

Edit details:

Cross-mixed channels (99:1 ratio)
Phase offset correction, moved left channel -2 samples
Corrected a lot of balance and volume variations
Flac tagging (Tag&Rename)