from the BBC tape (45:31)

101. Moonshake + Don't Say No 14:10
102. Vitamin C 7:41
103. Pinch + Improvisation 24:45

from various audience tapes (65:23)

201. Meadow Sweet 11:42
202. Dizzy Dizzy 7:50
203. I Want More 13:44
204. Cascade Waltz 7:12
205. Silent Night 10:15
206. Spree 14:37

Holger Czukay - Electronic noise
Rosko Gee - Bass
Michael Karoli - Guitar, vocals
Jaki Liebezeit - Drums
Irmin Schmidt - Keys

Disc 1 is a new slightly improved and repaired remaster of the BBC tape (prepared for radio broadcast, but never was) here reinstated as the original running order of the concert set 1.

Disc 2 is set 2 plus 2 encores. It is pieced together from many different sources. I omitted a short bit listed as "A Fan" which was an audience member shouting, clumsily cut in and out from audience noise and not obviously a part of the gig nor essential. I also cut-off 2 minutes from the beginning of "I Want More" which was nothing mor than audience noise, clatters and sizzle with no obvious music going on. The first 2 minutes of "Cascade Waltz" had more hiss and roar tape noise than music, so has been seriously reprocessed to bring the music to the fore.