CAN [TomP v2 remaster]
Keele University
March 2nd, 1977

Lineage: sbd>?>cdr>eac>shn>download>Nero>eac>flac frontend (level 6)

v1 Changes (Nero 7)
Cross-mix channels (64:36), eliminates 'phasing', instuments clearer, less noise
Official parts of 'Jizz' completely removed, remainder faded in/out
Deleted long periods of silence and applause fragments / discontinuities
Cross-faded tracks for smooth transitions

V2 changes (Nero 8)
Corrected large balance shift to the left
Volume increased +1dB in parts
Slight EQ +2dB bass
Flac tags added (Tag&Rename)

Quality: EX

This was posted by 'carville', but banned because of official content, so here is
the Can Keele 1977 with the official parts of Jizz (from Can Live) removed.

I've also done my usual remastering (details above) and it is now outstanding,
the quality is better than the official track or anything else on that release!

Now with V2, I've applied more worthwhile changes and added flac tags.

TomP post on Dime, January 2014...Enjoy !!

Holger Czukay - short wave radios, electronics & general Soundmeister
Michael Karoli - guitar, vocals
Jaki Liebezeit - drums
Irmin Schmidt - keyboards
Rosko Gee - bass

Set List (74.50)
01 - Fizz 10.11 (official parts, first 5.50 and last 0.15 removed)
02 - Improvisation + Pinch + Don't Say No 25.11
03 - Improvisation 13.35
04 - Animal Waves 25.51