CAN - March 19, 1977, University of Nottingham, UK
(quite good audience rec, slightly remastered)

1. Fizz 11:12
2. Don't Say No 13:40
3. Cascade Waltz 6:28
4. Animal Waves 18:38
5. Dizzy Dizzy 12:09

total time 62:16

Jaki Liebezeit - drums
Holger Czukay - short wave radio, gadgets
Michael Karoli - guitar
Irmin Schmidt - keys
Rosko Gee - bass

ykw: "fbauer says,
'source: FM recording, aired by BBC Radio Nottingham.'

However, this wasn't broadcasted. I know, I was living in
north Leicestershire at the time and we could get BBC
Radio Nottingham. It was listed in the local Radio Times,
so I tuned in to discover that week's "Rock Goes to College"
broadcast had been cancelled for some sport event.

Clearly this is an audience recording, from someone toward
mid-center of the hall. Clues were the many clunks, thuds
and rustles as the recorder moved around during the concert
(most of these I have removed). It's also mono, and BBC
Radio Nottingham broadcast in stereo in 1977.

This is re-EQ'd and sharpened/boosted, with some level
corrections and clumsy edits between the tracks removed.

Speed increased by +0.44 semitones as suggested by tezeta,
in Sound Forge."

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