Cat Power

Time and Space Limited
Hudson, NY

Source: Danish Pro Audio 4060s > Core Sound BB > Sony TCD-D100

Transfer: Tascam DA-20 (coax) > Audiophile 2496 (spdif) > G4 > Peak

Location: FOS-R

Note I: Did the best I could with the setlist. I don't imagine there are many hardcore Cat Power fans left in the world, but feel free to help me out with the tracknames, though many are new songs.

Note II: the venue was very small, intimate. Being such, you can hear a lot of little noises...Chan stomping her foot with the song, breathing into the mic, etc. There was also a lot of hiss coming out of the PA that I have removed.

Note III: I've torrented the two shows I've attended, but if anyone else has any Cat Power (old or new), I'd love to hear it. Drop me a line at

Total Time: 87:30 (has not been split for two discs)


01 Intro
02 Piano I
03 Piano II
04 Piano III
05 Piano IV
06 Willie Deadwilder
07 Guitar I
08 Guitar II
09 Wolf Among Wolves
10 The Party
11 Guitar III
12 Guitar IV
13 I Don't Blame You
14 Names
15 Piano V
16 Maybe Not
17 Sophisticated Woman
18 Satisfaction
19 Up and Gone
20 Guitar V
21 Guitar VI
22 Good Woman
23 Guitar VII
24 Guitar VIII