Who: Cat Power
Venue: Kulturbolaget (aka "KB")
City: Malmö
Country: Sweden
When:April 21, 2005

sennheiser cards->battry box->D8 (line in) 7 feet from left stack
D8->Midiman CO2->Zoltrix Nightningale->wav

taped by taper1@gmail.com

01 "oh this love is..."
02 "Could we, take a walk..."
03 "I hate my self and i want to die"
04 "once i wanted to be..."
05 "to you take me..."
06 "We lived in bars and danced on tables..."
07 "Its not your face or the colour of your hair..."
08 "He loves a...?"
09 "Ohhh daddy was...?"
10 Up and Gone
11 I dont blame you (aborted)
12 "remember me..."
13 Willie deadwilder
14 "If i lay you down"
15 "Norma Jane loves James Dean, Natalie Woods if she only could..."
16 Names
17 "He is a ..."
18 You
19 "Lord help this sinnerman..."
20 Good Woman
22 Sophisticated lady
23 "most be the colours..."
26 "if i could paint..."

Total time:1h22m27s