Cat Power/Chan Marshall solo
2nd of June 2017
Het Depot
Leuven (Belgium)

lineage: audience master
source: Core Sound binaurals > battery box > Edirol R-05
mastering: Cool Edit Pro > CD Wave Editor > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC

time: 114 mins


--Chan on guitar--
04.Old Detroit
05.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction [The Rolling Stones]
06.[banter/fiddling with the mics]
07.Great Expectations
08.[banter/fiddling with the piano]

--Chan on piano--
09.What the World Needs Now Is Love [Hall/Bacharach]
11.Colors And The Kids
12.[banter/leaving to grab a towel]
13.Maybe Not
14.Norma Jean-Names
15.[banter/too much information-1]
16.Nothing Really Matters
18.[banter/too much information-2]
19.Brave Liar
20.I Don't Blame You
22.Make Me Feel So Bad
23.[banter/towel handed to Chan]
24.Let Me Go-Feel Like Me [Cassius]
25.Stay [Rihanna]
26.The Greatest
27.[banter/too much information-3]

--Chan on guitar--
28.Werewolf [Michael Hurley]
29.Naked, If I Want To [Moby Grape]
32.The Moon
33.Good Woman
34.Framboise, Je t'aime
35.[banter/Thank you for allowing me to be myself and not judging me]

notes: Chan in a happy mood, how rare is that? Of course no concert of her's resembles anyone else's.
Hundreds of "Sorry, sorry, sorry"'s, leaving the stage (only once) and a lot of in-between-song confessions.
With the help of a supportive and understanding audience, she managed to give us a nice evening.