Cat Stevens - Tour of the Cat
Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo
June 22, 1974
Running Time: 77:00

Liberated boot, excellent quality

01. Wild World
02. Oh Very Young
03. Sitting
04. Where Do The Children Play
05. Lady D'Arbanville
06. Another Saturday Night
07. Hard Headed Woman
08. Peace Train
09. Father & Son
10. King Of Trees
11. A Bad Penny
12. Bitterblue
*** Unknown Source
13. Moonshadow
14. On The Road To Find Out
15. Where Do The Children Play
16. Wild World
17. Miles From Nowhere
18. Longer Boats
19. Father & Son
20. I Want To Live In A Wigwam
21. If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out
22. Don't Be Shy

I left the unknown source songs
on this seed because their quality
is amazing. I'm guessing they are
radio sessions as it isn't a seamless
gig. If you don't care for that, just
burn the first 12 tracks, that part is