Chris Cornell
Paris, France

Source: Sony ECM-719 > Sony Hi-MD RH10 (PCM mode) > USB / Sonic Stage > WAV > Adobe Audition 2.0 (normalization and track splitting) > shntool (fix SBE) > FLAC
Location: 2 meters in front of soundboard cage, 12 meters in front of stage, center
Taper: XWayne


01. Spoonman
02. Outshined
03. Original Fire
04. Arms Around your Love
05. You Know my Name
06. What You Are
07. Rusty Cage
08. Seasons
09. I Am the Highway (solo)
10. Can't Change Me (solo)
11. Scar on the Sky (solo)
12. Doesn't Remind Me
13. Cochise
14. Billie Jean
15. No Such Thing
16. Jesus Christ Pose
17. Encore Break #1
18. Mission
19. Say Hello 2 Heaven
20. Black Hole Sun
21. Encore Break #2
22. Call Me a Dog (solo)
23. Redemption Song (solo)
24. Like a Stone
Total time: 1:49:17

Notes: great show, Chris Cornell's voice is in top form, the band is very tight at playing Soundgarden and Audioslave stuff. Like a Stone first chorus is sung by the audience. There were some annoying people talking around me, making comments at the beginning of songs but fortunately remained silent the rest of the time !