Chris Cornell
May 8, 2007
Fenix; Seattle, WA

source: MSN webcast > PC (line in) > Cool Edit Pro 2.1 > CD Wave Editor > FLAC

01. intro
02. Spoonman
03. Outshined
04. Original Fire
05. No Such Thing
06. Say Hello 2 Heaven
07. Mission
08. You Know My Name
09. Seasons - 10
10. Scar on the Sky
11. Can't Change Me
12. Sunshower
13. She'll Never Be Your Man
14. Rusty Cage
15. Billie Jean
16. Black Hole Sun
17. Jesus Christ Pose
18. =encore break=
19. Like A Stone
20. Burden In My Hand
21. Cochise
22. Safe and Sound
23. Hunger Strike

total time: 111:29

notes: Recorded from live webcast, directly to PC, using CEP. Tracks split with CD Wave.
Rusty Cage and Like a Stone both have a single droput, courtesy of the live webcast.
Thanks to MSN for this very cool, complete webcast. Fuck MySpace for promoting a similar webcast
of the Kokua Festival and failing to deliver.

Please do not distribute in mp3.