Chris Cornell
Seattle, WA - Paramount Theater
"Finally, Forever, in Seattle"

Disc 01 - Time: 58:57
01_Silence the Voices
02_Original Fire
03_No Such Thing
04_Let Me Drown
06_Show Me How to Live
07_Hunger Strike
08_Be Yourself
09_Not Your Slave??
10_Rusty Cage
11_Billie Jean
12_Fell On Black Days
13_Finally Forever

Disc 02 - Time: 61:15
14_Wide Awake
15_Call Me a Dog
16_Like a Stone
17_Doesn't Remind Me of Anything
20_Arms Around Your Love
21_You Know My Name
22_Black Hole Sun
23_Jesus Christ Pose
24_the Day I Tried to Live

Total Time: 120:10

Lineage: Awia mic > Belkin TuneTalk Stereo > 5th Gen iPod Video > wav file > Peak 4 > T-Racks 24 > aiff > MacFlac (flac 8) > to you...

First seeded to DIME by Pingmon October 2007. Do Not EVER sell this recording.For FREE Trade only. OK to encode to lossy for personal use only, NOT trade!!!

MUCH RESPECT to the mods and Everyone who keeps DIME running, and to all the Soundgarden fans who upload shows here (especially eumesma :)

I have not seeded any of my masters lately, but this one came out amazing, so I had to throw it down for everyone.
Great show by an amazing artist, with a rad band, towards the end of his North American tour, he finally returns to play Seattle. I was on the floor, about 30 ft back on the left hand side, great spot. There was an obnoxious drunk girl about 20 ft away. She finally got quiet about 1/2 way through the set. Batteries on my recorder ran out at 2 hrs, I think I only missed 2 encore songs, "Say Hello the Heaven" and "Whole Lotta Love". Remastered ever so slightly to beef up the mids, picked up small bit of diginoise somewhere, barely noticable. Sound is incredible overall, one of my better recordings. If anyone got the full set, PLEASE post it, or pm me, I have lots of other shows to trade...