Albert Collins & the Ice Breakers
Chestnut Cabaret,
Philadelphia, PA
February 15, 1985

Source\Lineage: SBD>Sony D5(m)>Onkyo TA-RW344 w\ azimuth correction>Cooledit Pro 2.0>.wav>CD Wave>flac (level 8)
1. Chat
2. Hideaway
3. Albert Collins Intro
4. Nothin' but the blues ?
5. Chat
6. The Moon is Full
7. Brick
8. Mastercharge
9. Angel of mercy
10. Angel of mercy (ending)
11. Frosty
12. Reconsider baby
13. Instrumental


Odd coincidence that this got completed on the 26 anniversary of the show…

Any help with the setlist would be most appreciated…

Big thanks to billydee for unleashing this!

Enjoy, but Please!

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